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Sasha Pierpaint

Behind The Curtain

Behind The Curtain

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11 inches x 14 inches

Acrylic and Gouache on Canvas

This playful painting depicts a person with long, fluid strands of red hair that resemble a theater curtain opening, the golden glow of stage lights on a pixelated face. Her smile is mischievous and mysterious. Layers of colorful squares on her face seem almost to move and shift on the canvas as mica flakes sparkle on her eyelids. She is putting on a show. 

"Behind The Curtain" is all about the fun aspect of being a natural shapeshifter. It is the archetype of the performer, the glamour of the actress. When she shows up to a party, she can be anyone, whether that is her authentic self or just whatever the event requires.

This doesn't bother her, because she knows that when she washes the glitter from her eyes and wipes away her lipstick at home that night that she still glows. She isn't defined by her audience. Rather, she relishes the special things that are private and secret. 


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